BaseballCloud, SoftballCloud, and Yakkertech Are Now Collective Pieces of New Parent Brand, Magnus

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Apr 15, 2024



Lake Mary, FL (January 4, 2024) – BaseballCloud, SoftballCloud, and Yakkertech have united under the new parent brand, Magnus. The introduction of Magnus further reinforces the trio of brands’ missions to arm the diamond sports industry with cutting-edge technology to harness the power of data, supporting the needs of players, coaches, teams, and leagues at every level.

“Establishing ourselves collectively as Magnus marks a new chapter for Yakkertech, BaseballCloud, and SoftballCloud,” said Brian Victorero, CEO of Magnus. “Magnus promises continued innovation, customer-centric solutions, and a unified team working towards our commitment to be a transformative force in diamond sports. We aim to put our tools into the hands of every player and coach in the country, and provide them with measurable, accurate, and advanced data and analytics to grow and enhance the games of baseball and softball.”

Established in 2017, BaseballCloud emerged from the recognition that while massive amounts of data were available in diamond sports, effective and accessible analysis was limited. Now as Magnus, the company embodies the essence of data innovation. Magnus introduces a game-changing suite of products that work across the entire technology stack; capturing, solutioning, and moving data for all of baseball and softball, from the developing to the professional class.

Yakkertech, the company’s optical performance capture and tracking solution, seamlessly integrates with the flexible BaseballCloud and SoftballCloud software suites. BaseballCloud and SoftballCloud deliver the most accurate and powerful insights and solutions to entire organizations – from the field to the front office. The software duo can ingest performance data captured from anywhere and bring data to life through innovative solutions including BallR, PitchR, AnalyzR, and BC Team.

“Magnus has changed, and will continue to change the trajectory of softball with its unparalleled level of insight and engagement,” said Jami Lobpries, Ph.D., CEO of The Alliance Fastpitch. The accessibility of cutting-edge insights opens new avenues for strategic decision-making, player development, and fan engagement. Softball is undergoing significant growth – and the seamless integration of in-game data is poised to empower athletes and coaches, enhance the viewer experience during broadcasts, and fundamentally transform the way we understand and appreciate the game."

As part of the company’s commitment to innovation and player empowerment, BaseballCloud and SoftballCloud’s software were recently integrated into Pocket Radar systems, providing players from college down to recreational leagues with an accessible and affordable introduction to data and analytics.

Magnus also recently announced the launch of ShapeShiftR, a solution developed alongside the latest ball flight model by Dr. Glenn Healey that can be applied to scouting, research and player development. This cutting-edge tool is revolutionizing pitch design, pitch analysis, and performance forecasting using the latest ball flight model and visual innovation.

The company will roll out a brand new, fully integrated “Magnus” interface in early 2024 that will become a one-stop shop for all of the organization's products and solutions, making it easier for users to comb through data, identify actionable insights, improve performance, and further engage fan communities.

“Magnus’ technology is revolutionizing the diamond sports industry, reshaping the way we play, teach, and experience the game with unprecedented insights,” said Jonny Gomes, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Magnus. “I’ve always been interested in analytics and player development, so being a part of this transformative moment in diamond sports is truly gratifying. I look forward to the future and the ongoing journey of bringing innovation onto the field and into the fingertips of even more players.

Over the past year, Yakkertech, BaseballCloud, and SoftballCloud have experienced significant growth and validation from industry-leading organizations, teams, leagues, and governing bodies. Yakkertech systems are now installed in over 100 high school, college, and professional stadiums, with the number of Division 1 softball programs leveraging these systems surging almost 300% from 2022 to 2023.

SoftballCloud is also the technology partner of choice for 12 of 13 Southeastern Conference (SEC) softball teams and nearly 3/4 of Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) teams. BaseballCloud’s software suite is trusted by over 150 baseball programs and organizations, which is up by 100 since 2021. Yakkertech and BaseballCloud users won championships at the Division 1, Division 2, and Junior College levels in 2023. The company boasts a strategic network of notable partners including PitchCom, Pocket Radar, USA Softball, Athletes Unlimited, Cape Cod Baseball League, The Pioneer League, The Frontier League, and more.


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Magnus captures, solutions, and moves data for the diamond sports industry, combining next-generation hardware, extensible software, and unforgettable service to propel the game and those that play it forward. Magnus products — Yakkertech, BaseballCloud, and SoftballCloud — bring data to life and provide innovative solutions across player development, coaching, scouting, analysis, and fan engagement. Magnus partners with industry-leading organizations including PitchCom, Pocket Radar, USA Softball, Athletes Unlimited, Cape Cod Baseball League, and more to arm the diamond sports industry with cutting-edge technology to harness the power of data. For more, visit: