Quick answers
for common questions

What is required in my stadium for a Yakkertech system to work?

Yakkertech Sentinel VX systems only require power and a clear view of the field for the 4-camera setup. Flexible mounting solutions allow the system to blend into existing infrastructure without interfering with players, staff, or fans.

Do I need a Yakkertech system to use BaseballCloud/SoftballCloud products?

No. The data captured by Yakkertech will allow users to maximize the capabilities of Baseball/SoftballCloud software products, but tools like Team and AnalyzR also digest accessory bullpen, batting practice, and in-game devices. Contact our team for a full list of compatible data sources!

Can I access Magnus products on my mobile device?

Yes. The Yakkertech ‘Coach Mode’ interface, the Baseball/SoftballCloud Team platform, and our Pocket Radar integration are built for mobile use, so you can bring your data to the field via your phone or tablet. Reach out to our team for best practices for specific products and features!

Once I purchase a product, what sort of training and education are provided?

When you purchase a Magnus software product, you gain full access to our support line and catalog of training material. Large organizations like college teams, professional teams, and travel organizations will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager to provide education, training, and support.

Who can see my data?

Magnus products are entirely secure, and allow users to assign licenses to staff members and players at their discretion. For more specific details, Contact Us or refer to our Privacy Policy.

How often do I have to download product updates?

The Magnus team will roll out periodic updates as bugs are fixed and other complimentary features are added to the suite. If any action is required by the user, expect to hear from Magnus or your Account Manager directly.

Where do I go if I need urgent help with one of my products?

Active users will have full access to our support line, which is fully staffed to solve issues as soon as possible.