Celebrating a Century of Excellence: Cape Cod Baseball League's Centennial All-Star Game and Home Run Contest Powered by BaseballCloud

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Apr 15, 2024



The Cape Cod Baseball League has reached a historic milestone as it celebrates its centennial season, and we at BaseballCloud are thrilled to be part of this momentous occasion. We have partnered with the league to support fan engagement initiatives during the 2023 All-Star Game and Home Run Contest, taking fan experiences to a whole new level.

At the Home Run Contest, we are proud to introduce our cutting-edge Scout Mode product. Fans can experience immersive 3D models of the home runs hit during the contest by following these instructions:

1. Head to http://scoutmode.yakkertech.com/
2. Sign in using either your Google account or your email address
3. From the dashboard click on the Cape Cod Home Run Derby Event under "Live"
4. Watch as the metrics populate on the screen during the event, and view a live leaderboard in the "Pitch History" section

We're honored to have our very own Jonny Gomes, former MLB player and beloved baseball personality, at the heart of this special event. Jonny will be there to interview players, share unique insights, and set the stage for the All-Star Game and Home Run Contest.

At BaseballCloud, we share the Cape Cod Baseball League's commitment to growing and preserving the game of baseball. Through this innovative partnership, we aim to offer new and exciting ways for fans to connect with the game they love.

Baseball enthusiasts can watch the pre-game activities and Home Run Contest live on the Cape Cod Baseball League's YouTube channel. To watch the All-Star Game itself, tune in to NESN. Don't miss out on the action!