Introducing BaseballCloud’s ShapeShiftR: Revolutionizing Pitch Design and Performance Analysis

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Dec 12, 2023



To stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of baseball analytics, one needs tools that break new ground and push the boundaries of what's possible. Enter ShapeShiftR, a cutting-edge tool poised to revolutionize how we develop, evaluate, and forecast pitcher performance. Developed alongside the latest ball flight model by Dr. Glenn Healey, this remarkable tool marries science and technology in a transcendent fashion, marking a significant step forward in the world of baseball analytics.

The Science Behind ShapeShiftR

ShapeShiftR represents a significant leap forward in the realm of baseball analytics. It incorporates weather and elevation data to analyze a pitch into horizontal and vertical movement components due to drag, Magnus, and seam shifted wake forces.

ShapeShiftR Applications: Scouting, R&D, and Player Development

So, what can you do with the ShapeShiftR model? Here are some of its applications:

1. Scouting: ShapeShiftR seamlessly integrates with all departments, enhancing analysis across the board. It facilitates the identification of draft prospects at the MLB level and allows colleges to identify players in the portal and amateur players who attend their camps.

2. R&D: Teams can use ShapeShiftR's API for predictive simulations, seamlessly integrating it into their existing portals and dashboards, enabling them to make necessary adjustments for enhanced performance. ShapeShiftR also enables the analysis of a pitcher's current pitching repertoire, identification of potential areas for improvement, and modeling of ball flight in various weather conditions.

3. Player Development: ShapeShiftR facilitates the pre-planning of bullpen sessions by allowing the setting of movement goals in advance, enables real-time analysis of seam data during bullpens, and offers detailed movement analysis that goes beyond overall movement metrics after an event.

Our ShapeShiftR model is a groundbreaking addition to baseball analytics. With its comprehensive approach to pitch analysis, compatibility with existing technologies, and practical applications in player development and scouting, ShapeShiftR is redefining how we evaluate and understand the game. Get started with ShapeShiftR today and receive free simulation credits to unlock the full potential of our newest product.